Implementing Guides and Resources

Principles for including palliative care in undergraduate curricula

The key resource developed by PCC4U to guide and support inclusion of palliative care in undergraduate curricula. It includes core values, desirable learning outcomes, principles for learning and teaching, and benchmarks for curricula. 

Palliative Care Workforce Development Framework

In development. This resource will support inclusion of palliative care in educational programs, designed to prepare the whole of health workforce. 

Learning modules Implementation Guide

The student learning module implementation guide includes an outline of the structure and content of each module and focus topic to assist with integrating the content into your curriculum.

Resources Workbook

A workbook is available to support student recording of responses to the module and topic thinking points. Users can print out and write in the Workbook, or users can type directly into the PCC4U Workbook, which is a writable pdf document. To type within the pdf, it will need to be downloaded and saved on a computer or mobile device and opened with Adobe Reader.

Access the particular module and topic workbook sections under the video transcripts in each section.

Curriculum Blueprint 

The Curriculum Blueprint provides a summary of module and topic content.

PCC4U learning resources video

Click on the image below to view a summary of the PCC4U learning resources and how to use them

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