The EN Toolkit in blended learning

Note that the EN Toolkit SCORM files will only be available in late September for uploading into your LMS.

Adding a PCC4U video or eLearning SCORM file to your Blackboard, Moodle or other Learning Management System

In order to upload the PCC4U videos or eLearing SCORM file to your Learning Management System, it is first necessary to download the video files to your own computer from the PCC4U website. To download the PCC4U video files go to the webpage and:

  1. right click on the video or file
  2. save target as
  3. rename file for your own use
  4. save into a folder of your choice on your computer.

Note that the PCC4U videos are .mp4 file type.

The PCC4U learning materials can be adapted for use to support student learning provided correct acknowledgement is made and copyright is maintained. See for clarification and suggested citations.

The EN Toolkit eLearning Topics can be accessed through the red buttons on the EN Toolkit homepage.